Visual brainfuck

Visual brainfuck 1.2

Visual brainfuck is an esoteric programming language similar to C++ Builder
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Visual brainfuck is an Integrated Development Environment for brainfuck and Ook! applications. It has a GUI with the following key components:
Three text editors: Input, Output and Program.
A Debugger with:
An animation with Memory Tape and a Program Tape watches.
Currently executed instruction indicators embedded in the Program Editor.
Breakpoint support.
Continuous and step execution.
Peek & Poke Controls.
The ability to display memory values in decimal, hex or ASCII.
A Component Palette that looks just like Delphi's or C Builder's.
A Text Encoder application that generates a brainfuck program that prints the desired text.
An Ook! Translator application that translates from brainfuck to Ook! and the other way around.
A brainfuck compiler for generating executables. This is particularly useful when the code is too dense for the debugger to run quickly.
A thoroughly detailed help file.

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